All our rugs are made from 100% natural materials

All textiles shed and slowly release their fibres into the air. Those fibres eventually make it into your body. If they are made of a synthetic fibre, your body cannot digest it. It is important to have indoor rugs made of natural fibres so that the fibres pass through or break down within your body naturally.

Rugs made of natural fibres can actually have a positive effect on air quality because they act as a natural filter trapping all types of dust floating in the air. Just be sure to vacuum occasionally.

New Zealand Wool

Derived from giving sheep a buzz cut, New Zealand wool is some of the highest quality wool for rugs. The wool's naturally long and thick fibres give an extremely soft hand feel. It’s easy to care for and ages well. The material also functions as a great insulator for your home in the winter and helps with the acoustics of a room.

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Indian Wool

This wool reduces the environmental impact as it is produced in the same place where the rugs are made. It presents a similar quality to that of New Zealand wool but with a more intense raw base color. The wool fibre length is shorter than that of New Zealand wool which gives it a slightly rougher hand feel.

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Very strong and soft fibre made from the flax plant. Although it is not as strong as cotton, it is much softer to the touch. It’s also a little more expensive than cotton, but when used as a warp, the additional softness is quite noticeable.

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A fibre developed from the husk of the cottonseed. Its resistance is comparable to silk and it offers good thermal protection characteristics due to the hollow structure of the fibre. It is generally used to create the warp of rugs because of its superior strength.

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