Who is Mark Krebs?


Before starting my own company and designing rugs, I produced designs for other companies. I learned how things like planters, cutting boards and foot stools were made. My design work brought me to factories around the world; one month I’d be visiting wood workers in Bangkok, and the next I’d be touring a ceramics factory in Hanoi.

My favourite projects involved working with rug weavers in northern India. The beat of the loom was mesmerizing. The vibrant culture surrounding the rug trade was unlike any other type of production I was exposed to. I was hooked.
When it came time to start my own design studio, I knew where I wanted to begin.
My design approach is to focus on making things built for a long and happy life, with a bit of colour and playfulness thrown in. The hope is whoever ends up stewarding my rugs will care for them so they can be enjoyed for generations. Happily whatever after,

-Mark Krebs