What is a yarn ?


A substance significantly longer than it is wide (from Wikipedia…. Pretty trippy trying to define a fibre). 

Natural fibres

Fibers which are produced by plants or animals, such as cotton, linen or wool. All textiles shed and slowly release their fibers into the air and eventually into your body.  If they are made of a synthetic fiber, your body cannot digest it. It is important to have indoor rugs made of natural fibers so that the fibers pass through or break down within your body. Rugs made of natural fibers can also improve air quality as it acts as a natural filter trapping all types of dust floating in the air. Just be sure to vacuum occasionally. I only use natural fibres for indoor rugs.

Man-made fibres

Also known as synthetic fibres mostly derived from petrol-chemicals. The only place where these belong in rug making is for outdoor rugs or extremely high traffic commercial/ public spaces. You should not live with a synthetic rug.