Spring 2024 : New Collection

We're absolutely thrilled to share our latest rug collection with you. Handcrafted in Northern India, each rug is a testament to the incredible skill and tradition of the weavers in the region. Without further delay, let us introduce you to our new Tile, Bouclé, and Stitch Rug collections.

Tile Collection

Hand crafted Tile Rug in Sumac
Tile Rug, in Fossil

Welcome to the Tile Collection, where each rug is a showcase of meticulous craftsmanship. Designed with top-notch quality in mind, these rugs feature a flat weave pile and 'double back' construction for durability and density that rivals hand-knotted rugs, without emptying your wallet. The monochromatic dip-dyed yarns give the colors a rich depth, while the delicate tile patterns play with shadows, creating subtle variations that change with the light throughout the day. Each rug is like a living piece of art, adding an elegant touch to any space.

Bouclé Rug

Boucle Rug in silver
Bouclé Rug, in Silver

Step onto our Bouclé Rug, the coziest addition to the collection. Inspired by a deep appreciation for the texture and quality of bouclé yarn from a particular Indian producer, these rugs use a simple, extra-thick weaving technique to offer soft, durable, and chunky grace. Perfect for adding a warm, welcoming vibe to any room, the Bouclé Rug invites you to sink your feet into its plush, cozy goodness.


Stitch Rug 

Stitch Rug in Pebble
Stitch Rug, in Pebble

Rediscover the Stitch Rug, inspired by the antique kilim rugs of Persia and Northern Africa. These rugs are crafted with a nod to traditional nomadic weaving techniques, embracing the unique imperfections that give each piece its character. Each Stitch Rug is a little slice of history, bringing a unique story and timeless charm to your home.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy exploring these new exciting additions to our collection. Each rug embodies the rich cultural heritage and exceptional craftsmanship of Northern India, ready to transform your living spaces with their distinctiveness and lasting quality.


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