India has become the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. With record breaking daily infections, despite extremely low testing rates, it is difficult to fully grasp the scale of India’s second wave. One thing is certain, India is in a crisis and their healthcare system is completely overwhelmed.

I’ve been speaking with my partners in India about how to help the region where I produce my product. I have been put in contact with Ramkrishna Sewashram Hospital, a non-profit NGO based in Mirzapur, India. Mirzapur and the surrounding region is where a large portion of my rugs are produced. This small hospital has quickly pivoted to treat COVID-19, but they are in dire need of supplies and support to keep up with the flow of patients.

Mark Krebs will be donating 20% of profits for the month of April to Ramkrisha Sewashram Hospital via direct wire transfer.

You can help by donating directly to organizations on the ground in India right now.

Khalsa Aid is an NGO that provides humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world. They are currently supporting medical networks across India and working on the ground to assist COVID-19 patients.

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