Thom Fougere Photoshoot

"I am by no means a professional photographer, but photography has been an important part of my life and creative process since I can remember. I started shooting with a Mamiya ZE-2 in high school, the same camera my parents used to document my childhood. In architecture school I graduated to medium format photography and shot countless rolls on my heavy Mamiya RB67 back when film was easier and less expensive to work with. I find the act of taking a photo is just as important and rewarding as the end product. When I'm designing a product or piece of furniture, photography is just as much a part of the process as drawing or modeling. A camera can give you 'new eyes' or a refreshed perspective on something you're maybe too close to to see objectively."

"A lot of my photography exists within the realm of home. There are endless things to explore there, and it's the area of life I maybe think of the most. This winter during lockdown I photographed a series of Mr. Kreb's rugs in my own apartment. Each of the rugs with its own unique character fit within the eclectic nature of my apartment and added a nice spot of colour and texture to the space."