Dawn & Half Moon

How lucky one is to be caught up in the splendor of the rising sun. Our daily reminder that life goes on. It’s raw heat fuels all life on earth. The sun’s gravitational pull keeps us in an endless corkscrew as it hurls through the universe. With consistency and stability, we exist.

So, what to make of the moon? Earth’s natural satellite. Similarly, we take on the sun’s roll and pull her along for this epic galactic journey. She contrasts the sun’s life-giving energy. Desolate and cool, the moon is a reminder of the universe’s indifference. Its very matter formed from our native celestial body.

In earth's early history there was an impact. A rogue planet the size of mars slammed into spaceship earth. The collision caused massive chunks of our planet to fly off and collect around our orbit. Over time the debris collected and took the form of a sphere under its own mass. Of course, Earth also had to go through the same process after impact, incorporating this new rouge body and reforming a sphere. This impact most likely would have extinguished any life at that time. The moon is an artifact of how random our existence truly is.

The sun and the moon act as natural opposites. Yin and yang. It’s with this spirit that I have developed the first set of limited-edition sun & moon rugs. The first set, named Dawn and Half Moon, are in additions of 4 pcs to each size.


They are now in-stock and available on the site and at our retail partner Ah-bode Home in Bellville, Ontario.  If you are native to Prince Edward County, go say hi to Angela and see the collection in person.

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